Florida Claim of Lien Information Form

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Construction lien filing service for one flat-rate of $199, includes:

  • Lawyer prepared construction lien
  • Filing of construction lien in appropriate county
  • Mailing and certified mail costs
  • Add-on lawyer prepared demand for payment letter for $349 additional flat-fee

Your Company Information

Input your company name, or if you do not have a company, your name
Input your company's address, or your address if you do not have a company
Input your name
Input your title within your company
Input your phone number
Input your email address
Input the name of the person who will sign the claim of lien
Input the signor's title within the company

Your Customer's Information

Input the name of your customer that has failed to pay for your labor, materials, and/or services
Input your customer's address

Project Information

Input the name for the project, if you have one - for example, "The Grand Hotel Project" or "The Woodlands Office Project"
Input the address where the project is located
Input the project owner - usually the owner of the property
Enter the principal address of the project owner

Contract Price and Balance Owed

Input the initial contract price for labor, materials, or services - do not include change order amounts or other price adjustments
Input the total price amount for change orders
Input the total amount you have billed to the customer
Input the total amount of payments received from customer
Input the total unpaid balance for your labor, materials, and services

Description of Work and Materials Provided

Input a general description of the work and materials you actually furnished to the project
If you specially-fabricated materials for the project, but they were never installed to the project, you are generally entitled to include in your claim amounts charged for those specially-fabricated materials
If you answered "yes" above - input the total value of your offsite specially-fabricated materials that were never furnished to the project
Input the first date you furnished work or materials to the project
Input the last date you furnished work or materials to the project
Do you want to an attorney demand letter for payment to be sent for an additional $349?
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