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A legally enforceable Florida construction lien prepared and filed by a licensed Florida construction attorney.

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What is a construction lien?

Florida construction liens are legal claims filed by contractors, subcontractors, or material suppliers to protect their right to payment for work performed or materials supplied on a construction project.

Construction liens secure the financial interests of parties to construction projects when they are not paid.

Filing a construction claim of lien secures a contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier's right to be paid for their materials and labor.

A construction claim of lien secures right to be paid for labor and materials furnished to a construction project for the improvement of real property.

Additionally, a claim of lien may secure the right to be paid for specially fabricated materials prepared offsite for the improvement for real property, but never actually installed on-site.

To file a construction lien in Florida, specific requirements must be met.

The construction claim of lien must be filed in the county where the project is located.

The claim of lien must be filed within 90 days of the last date labor or materials were furnished to the project.

The claim of lien must be properly served on all interested parties as required by Florida law.

If not in direct contract with the owner of the property, a subcontractor or material supplier must serve a notice to owner within 45 days of commencing work.

Construction liens create an encumberance upon the title of the property.

Once filed, a construction lien creates a cloud on the property's title, making it difficult to sell or refinance until the lien is resolved.

If the claim of lien is not paid, a lienor may file a lawsuit to foreclose the construction lien by selling the property.

The lien balance is paid from the proceeds of the foreclosure sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Florida Construction Liens.com service package include?

Your construction lien service package includes the preparation of a Florida construction claim of lien by a licensed Florida construction lawyer, filing of your claim of lien in the appropriate county records, and all associated filing and mailing costs. You may add-on the preparation of a demand letter for payment by a licensded Florida construction lawyer for an additional $349 flat-fee.

Does the free construction claim of lien template require a software download?

No. Florida Construction Liens.com provides a Florida construction claim of lien service for the preparation and filing of liens by a licensed Florida construction lawyer. We handle all the work, so there is no need for bloated app downloads or additional software, and you will never have to sign-in to an account - no passwords or usernames to remember. Fast, easy, and secure.


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